Previous song | or J Play / Pause | Spacebar Stop Next song | or K Shuffle queue | E Repeat queue | R

/ Jprevious song
/ Knext song
Spaceplay / pause
/ Gprevious gradient
/ gnext gradient
Aauto grad / rand mode
Dshow current info
Eshuffle queue
Htoggle FPS display
M / mprevious / next mode
N / nsensitivity presets
Rtoggle queue repeat

Underlined character on switches indicate their keyboard shortcut

Ctrl+click to select multiple / Ctrl Shift to select range

Add selected files to the queue
Add all files in current folder to the queue
Load selected playlist Overwrite selected playlist with play queue Delete selected playlist
Play queue:

    Double-click to play / Drag to reorder / Delete to remove

    Preset: Load a configuration preset.
    "Last session" restores last used configuration settings.
    • Auto Select next gradient automatically on each track change
    • NO BG Use black background instead of background color defined by gradient
    • INFO Display song info in the visualization area on every track change
    • SCALE Show / hide the frequency scale
    • PEAKS Hold volume peaks on screen for a short time
    • FLAT Disable shadows on canvas messages
    • LO-RES Lower canvas resolution to improve rendering speed
    • FPS Display current frame rate | H
    Mode: Visualization mode. Octave bands are based on the equal tempered scale.
    • LEDS Apply a LED effect to the analyzer bars (octave bands modes only)
    • LUMI Show full height bars with varying luminance (octave bands modes only)
    • RAND Select a random visualization mode on every track change
    FFT size: Larger values provide more detail in the frequency domain, but less detail in the time domain.
    Range: Lowest and highest frequencies represented in the analyzer - Hz
    Smoothing: Lower values make the analyzer respond faster to changes
    Save current settings to the "Custom" preset.
    Sensitivity: Adjust analyzer sensitivity to improve visualization of songs too quiet or too loud to dB
    audioMotion.js Copyright © 2018-2019 Henrique Avila Vianna. Source code available on GitHub. Icons by icons8.